Boyz II Men – It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday….

Since it’s the first day of my fresh start, new beginnings, next chapter or 101 different ways to express it. This song seems to be the perfect analogy of how I am dealing with the let go!! I know this song is more based on love but I loved my life and know that I’m going to love it even more. When I said that I was going in this year with zero tolerance for anything that is going to hold me back i truly meant it. I will never forget where I have come from, and the mistakes I have made; instead be forever grateful for the lessons to challenge myself to become everything I have always knew I had the potential to become. Yesterday might have been perfect but I have leaned many lessons from living in the moment. It really is hard to say goodbye knowing that is the only way you will not be lead in to temptation, End up heartbroken, or regretting not giving myself a true shot of becoming living proof that no matter how old, what circumstances, or how bad u think your life is. The decision to change it and give yourself the life u could only dream of into the life u actually live!!! Thank you for all the slugs you love to shoot to try and make me feel weak. Nobody can hold me down!! Never could do it when I was wild and free. Blows my mind how now they try that to knock me down! I’m on leveling up so better believe nobody is going to kill my vibe!! Fixing to make everyone of you eat your words!! Just watch me…. I have already forgiven but never will forget. Wish you all a 2018 full of blessings. Yours truly Gina Marie

Author: Life Confessions

my name is Gina and I have decided to try and make sense of some of my madness and hope that it can inspire or help someone else thru this thing we call life. While using this as an outlet to express myself and put some of my thoughts in a safe place. so please excuse my random thoughts unless you can make use out of them…. then carry on use as many as you would like!!

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