Pressure make Diamonds 💎

As I sit here and hum the lyrics to this new track that has graced me with its presence. I also have been analyzing this metaphor in the back of my head and I can feel myself gravitate towards it more and more by the minute. It’s almost like saying “beautiful disaster” or ” the cuccoon turning into the butterfly” see they all have the same concept every unpolished, ugly, or unexpected tragedy is something beautiful. The pressures of the decision that I will not accept my predistinguished way of life and believe me this probably has been the hardest thing I have done by far…. Training myself to break old habits; Yet learn new ones, falling in and out of love searching for my soulmate, and hold myself accountable for being the 30 yr old in college Bc I never took school seriously the first time around. I hold my head high while continuing the journey knowing that every tear I have shed, doubt I have had, and fear of the unknown is the small price you have to pay for the luxury of manifesting my goals and aspirations into reality. I use my life as an example for my daughter to show her that it’s never to late to persevere, but if you do it right the first time then you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labour. No matter how overwhelming I may seem to feel… I just take a deep breath inhale then slowly exhale reminding myself to focus taking one day at a time by taking one step at a time…. Sincerely yours truly Gina Marie

“Life is just like a game,

First you have to learn rules of the game,

And then play it better then any one else.”- Albert Einstein

Author: Life Confessions

my name is Gina and I have decided to try and make sense of some of my madness and hope that it can inspire or help someone else thru this thing we call life. While using this as an outlet to express myself and put some of my thoughts in a safe place. so please excuse my random thoughts unless you can make use out of them…. then carry on use as many as you would like!!

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