Daily Prompt: Loophole

The infamous LOOPHOLE! It’s the twinkle that lights up your eye when u have lost hope accepting what will be and then it hits you “What if“ ….  when u can see the gray in something that someone tells you it’s  black and white. It’s finding that one technicality which you still abide by the rules but decided to play the same game with an advantage per say.  Loopholes are the ideas/ answers that some have had to put some long hard thought by analyzing the situation to find that one little detail and using it to your benefit. Loopholes is the definition of that saying “ If there is a will there is a way!” Loopholes are the key     when you might feel like your back is against the wall and have run out of options.  I can go on and on about loopholes but I think you get my drift  Not everyone can find them or even look for them for numerous reasons but if you are one of the few that takes a look at the whole picture instead of just looking at what’s in front of you then I tip my hat to you and respect how you will go the extra mile or not accept those dreadful words There is nothing you can do about it. By proving there is always something you can do to maybe not fix it but could definitely improve the situation. Don’t settle for mediocre… Shoot for the stars!! Make the impossible possible even if you have to squeeze thru a loophole or two… As long as you stay true to yourself and play by the rules then why not?


via Daily Prompt: Loophole

Author: Life Confessions

my name is Gina and I have decided to try and make sense of some of my madness and hope that it can inspire or help someone else thru this thing we call life. While using this as an outlet to express myself and put some of my thoughts in a safe place. so please excuse my random thoughts unless you can make use out of them…. then carry on use as many as you would like!!

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