Just tryin’ to make a dolla’ out of 15 cents is an understatement!!!

As long as I can remember I have always been able to make my own hard earned cash, so why is it now I cant find I cant find myself to make the money I know is at my finger tips. The moment I can finally can see some clear goals in life and really start putting some discipline in my everyday life. The anxiety from the thought of that uncomfortable gut clenching feeling of failure which honestly shouldn’t be such an unfamiliar feeling after falling face first of failure, but here I go again revising the plan, regrouping my thoughts, preparing for financial independence. Fighting battles within myself everyday that just makes me want to give up, Like that’s going to get me anywhere! So instead I go back to the drawing on how to get everything i want out of life and how to make that happen without compromising my time for money… See i would love to bring in major cash flow and not have to get it at the expense of long hours or in exchange for all of my time.