The Daily Post- Study = ol·o·gy – a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.

When I think of the endless possibilities that one could study!! The unlimited amount of knowledge that you gain and how we incorporate study without even knowing. We subconsciously studying the body language of people we pass on a busy sidewalk or the study of a first impression of someone we meet.  To study based on curiosity of the unknown or from a class, book, or lecture; such as bio-OLOGY or astr-OLOGY. You could practically put OLOGY behind countless words and waa -laaa magic it turns into an objective which we focus on and go in depth of whatever the heart desires to discover about it. Endless amounts of material at our fingers tips with the ol faithful; number one go to when we have a question that you need an answer for… GOOGLE!! It has taken over the days when u actually had to pull out the encyclopedia or go to the library and spend hours researching any and all information that was available to obtain knowledge of the subject. Techn-OLOGY HAS MADE STUDYING ACCESSIBLE NO MATTER WHERE OR WHAT YOUR DOING A CLICK OR LINK AWAY.  It’s an amazing thing to have the privilege to have. So STUDY AND STUDY SOME MORE.  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MUCH KNOWLEDGE

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Perfect Imperfections

Once again I felt as I have been neglecting my blog but as I sit here waiting with anxiety weighing high as my brain overload of what it’s, self doubt, and somehow I still have this tiny little voice fighting back saying in fact I really may have a shot at this. I came to the conclusion that what makes my art beautiful is Bc it’s a reflection of who I am and knowing I am not perfect but I also know I love and feel beautiful! My imperfections make me beautiful as well as in my art. It’s so funny how therapeutic having an outlet to share my thoughts in my most vulnerable moments. When my mind just is at war! It’s a self battle of growth and complacency…. so here I am face to face with some bright idea that I start becoming more and more interested in and since I’m sharing it with so many people that love and support me and my dream expressing their genuine belief in my talent have all persistently agreed why not!! Lol and I’m thinking to myself 50 million reason I have already told myself why not! I decided to be a tough ass and enter knowing damn well I could have came up with some lame excuse on why I decided not to enter but instead I decided to step out my comfort zone (which by the way is becoming more and more comfortable.) by pumping myself up mentally. Accepting failure and or a loss is the fundamentals to mastering your craft. With that being said I’m going into this experience being ok with the fact I am not guaranteed to win, but knowing the that I will not only regret and always have the what if, but by not entering is an automatic fail/loss so instead I’m just going to embrace my talent which might not be perfect but definitely beautiful! 

I remember syrup sandwiches and gram allowances, but just remember there is no such thing as life better then yours!!

Well I know that some won’t understand or even relate to this so far fetched analogy, but I can guarantee there is more that can relate, and since I listen to music that I can understand and appreciate what they express thru their lyrics. I never did the syrup sandwiches, but mayonnaise, ketchup, and sometimes just a slice of bread that i would roll into a ball and eat like it was a 5 star meal!! as far as the allowances lol hey what can I say it was just as good as cash.  I didn’t have the everything handed to me on a silver spoon, but I knew it could be way worse and so as  J. Cole said Love yours no matter how big your house may be as long as the people in there love you dearly that’s all that matters!!  Where is all this coming from you ask??  I seem to look at life in a different perspective as the days pass and there is so much truth in ” Beauty in the struggle, Ugliness in Success” see I jumped head first into my current career venture knowing that i will be putting in a lot of time and work with a fraction of the pay, but I also know that the opportunity, knowledge, and not having to stress about the business/ financial responsibilities that come with being the boss is something I truly can say that it is a blessing. Even though I am there helping out and meeting client’s so I can start building my own clientele so when i look back at all the hard work and dedication was worth every minute!!! As of the ugliness that comes from success I have seen also…. But hey you either see the glass half full or have empty and if you choose to look at it half empty who am I to tell you that your perception is wrong and mine is right? I will say that whatever energy you put into the world is what is given to you, so next time you feel like your better then someone else, deserve more, or can’t understand why nothing positive happens to you… I would suggest to take a couple steps back to reevaluate how you not only look at life from your own eyes but what energy u are manifesting into reality!!! tomorrow isn’t promised, so why not make everyday something great!!! stay humble and hustle hard to have the opportunity to bless someone with the same blessing bestowed upon yourself!!! Pay it Forward……..

I just want to be successful….  a couple of tips to help u succeed! #IDGT #hustlehumble 

. Having confidence and believing in yourself is paramount for success to come. If you don’t have the confidence to believe in yourself, fake it until you make it.

create a set of values and follow them through your life. Be unique — this is what truly makes you human.

Success is no more than the result of consistency and lots of small work. Draw goals, be consistent and keep working towards them

Don’t be afraid to fail. Take risks and get out of your comfort zone, this is the only way that you will achieve success — by constantly putting yourself in situation that you are likely to fail in.

. Those who succeed are the ones that spot and act on opportunities as they are presented. Realize that preparation is key to utilize opportunities.

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